About Us

Used EV and Hybrid Sales

Our founding principle is that everyone should have the ability to combat climate change and reduce their personnel dependence on fossil fuel regardless of budget.  We only sell used hybrid and EVs . Ambler EV fully inspects every vehicle we sell for items including poor performing cells in the battery packs and balanced motor windings. 

If there is a particular model of Hybrid or Electric Vehicle you are looking for, please contact us.

EV and Hybrid Service

Hybrids and EVs in general require less maintenance then a traditional internal combustion engine, but that does not mean that they can be ignored. Ambler EV recommends a unique 100K service to ensure your car stays trouble free. Services include:

State of Health for HV and 12V battery packs

Air filter replacement for battery cooling systems

Full flush of brake, power steering and coolant system

Cleaning of all high power electrical connections and battery bus bars

Reconditioning of key electrical signal connections with Stabiliant 22

Contact us for a custom proposal for your vehicle.

Home Charging Stations

We  offer sales and installation services for level 2 chargers. These typically require 240V as the power source and may require modifications to your existing electric panel and wiring. Contact us to schedule an inspection of your home and existing electrical infrastructure.


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